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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Past Life - Chapter 1, scene 1

As promissed - the first (short) installment of Past Life ...


Wednesday 1st November, 2:30 am

Katherine Shuuman shut the door to her flat; turned and leant backwards against the solid wood, closing her eyes as she took a deep breath. She listened to the footsteps on the stairs, to the thud ... thud of car doors, to the engine start, pull away and, finally, fade into the distance. Only then, did she release the withheld breath and allow her body to slide down the door, until she was sitting on the floor.

"Stupid old fool", she muttered, "why did you have to go and get yourself killed?" It was an awful thing to say; how could she be so callous as to think of herself just after being told that Jeff had died - and in such a horrible way? Even so, she could see her career swirling down the toilet pan, and it was no trifling thing.

Katherine had been Professor Bollinger's Research Assistant for three years. It had been three years of hard slog but her PhD was now in sight - or had been up until a couple of hours ago. There was no one else in the country working in the Professor's field, and there was no way that the university was going to allow Katherine to continue his work; she was, after all, only his Research Assistant. It was Jeff's reputation that brought in the funding and without that the lab would be closed. Somehow she would have to start over on some other project and that would mean the last three years would be wasted.

Katherine pounded her fists on the floor in frustration.

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