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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lady in Blue

Continuing down the poetry path, I was set a challenge - to write a poem to go with a picture. I can't show you the picture, because it wasn't mine but ...

Picture; a silhouet of a lady sitting alone in an otherwise empty restaurant. The restaurant and the window she looks out from are at the stearn of a ship. The sea and the wake stretch into the distance. On the table sits her handbag.

Now back to her childhood ...

Standing, frozen.
Staring at the broken glass,
   the sea of milk,
      the bedtime treat;
   now flowing,
round her island feet.

Larger hands had lifted up.
Gentle voices made it right,
and told her
there would always be
another glass, another night.


Sitting, frozen.
Staring at the broken past,
   the crests of dreams,
      the wake of time
   the endless sea,
her barren, island life.

Who now, would lift her up?
Who now, would make it right,
and tell her
there would always be
another day, another night?

Her bag; a small tomorrow.

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