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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Clobbered by doubt

Last week I got clobbered by doubt. I sat down and reread Chapter 1 of my story, got through the first page and suddenly it occurred to me that my writing was crap. No one would want to read 75k of this!

Because it was such an unexpected thought, it caught me off guard and basically ruined my day (... and the next ... and ...).

I spent a while wrestling with the thought: is crap ... isn't crap ... is crap ... isn't crap (you get the idea?) and realised that this wasn't an argument that I could win right now. Only other people can tell me if they find my writing crap and even then it is only their opinion (though ten out of ten could be convincing!).

Point is, crap or not, I haven't yet finished writing the best book I can. It's still mainly rough draft and until I have finished editing it and making it the best I can make it, it doesn't get subjected to the crap test.

So, unwelcome thought that you are, your day has not yet come - you are going to have to wait until I am 'finished' (whatever that means). Now, back to that editing.

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