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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hot editing

Today is hot with a strong Nor'west wind ... it swings down off the Alps and assaults our house like the wolf that 'huffs and puffs' (maybe I am really a piggy?).

Anyway, it's far too hot to be outside (it's too hot to be inside too) but I have manged to finish editing the eleventh scene of "Past Life". Just another seventy odd to go. Sigh. So far that's added another 1k words and I am sure to add a few new scenes as well, so the word count is creeping up, even as extraneous text is deleted. 'More but tighter' is the dictum of the moment.

My next scene is where the reader gets their first introduction to a computer character. This is where things get difficult - the character needs to be a bit 'thin' and at the same time have qualities that the reader can relate too. Lots of head scratching coming up there, I think.

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