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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time out for good behaviour

Tonight I take a break from writing my story. Today my word count passed the 32,000 mark with eighteen days left. That means I have averaged over 2,680 words per day so far and only need to average 990 per day for the rest of the month to complete my 50,000 words during November.

Considering my initial fears about keeping up the pace or running out of words, and then feeling that I would be forced to quit after the November 1st accident, I am pretty pleased about where I have got to. Pleased enough that I lodged my last words today at about 3 o'clock (32,182) and awarded myself the rest of the day off. My characters however are less kind, they haven't stopped nagging me to carry on telling their stories.

My main character is about to embark on period of discovery in a virtual world, my other MC is currently locked up for a murder that he may not have committed (I suspect that he wants me to get him out quickly) and National Security seem to have a finger in the pie, but no one quite knows what finger - least of all the police inspector who is beginning to think that there is more going on than she has been led to believe. Of course, that's just the surface story, underneath there's a more fundamental question about the responsibilities carried by someone who creates a life.

See what's going on here; I might have stopped writing the story, but these fingers are still in motion :-)

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