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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I don't have time ...

... but my NaNoMeter tells only half the story. The rest of it goes something like this:

November 1, get up early and complete nearly 1,000 words before work. Complete another 1,000 at lunch time. Fall of bike on way home from work and disrupt my shoulder joint. Get home and go to doctor; suspected broken bone at AC joint - large bony lump on shoulder. Arm in sling. Right arm in sling.

November 2, go to hospital. X-ray, torn ligaments, end of collar bone flapping around in breeze looking for a home. Off work five days, sling for two weeks, recovery about six.

November 3-10, Searching for new ways to type faster than one finger on left hand. Some success; well ahead on word count thanks to days at home and inability to do anything else.

November 11, Arm out of sling already, pleased with progress, took time out to type blog. Wants medal for dedication to 'art'.

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