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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A long break

It seems (and is!) a long time (4 months) since I posted here. It has been a busy four months and there has been little room for recreational writing and, I am sure, you wouldn't want to read some of the stuff I write for my day job. Anyway, here is a somewhat 'mystical' offering which has been appreciated elsewhere.

YOU Utter Me

You utter me, making of me a Word,
pregnant with lesser words,
though end-to-end would not spell
the name yet spoken in part.

Day, Night, lips restless;
You sing me, a living lyric
to a tune of my choosing;
yet the full score, is before You.

Others call a name for which I answer,
but Yours, the unfinished agnomen,
a double helix of sound
wound 'round the years,
spoken with laughter, tears,
sounding the footfalls of time
'til the echo fades and I will have been spoken.

Only then shall I know my name,
whom you are calling.

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